Ovlov ready debut, tour (2013)

Connecticut’s Ovlov creates impossibly catchy melodies that worm their way through thick slabs of distortion and feedback to become caught in your brain, running on loop all day. On their debut full-length Am, set to arrive July 2nd on Exploding In Sound Records (Pile, Fat History Month, Speedy Ortiz, Two Inch Astronaut), guitarist/songwriter Steve Hartlett delivers dazzlingly honest vocals between destructive hooks and buzzing riffs with huge teeth.  Impose debuted “Blue Baby”, the first track from Am that shows off the band’s signature slow burning power pop amidst a massive, perverse wash of shoegaze guitars.  
Listen to “Blue Baby” HERE
The band head out on tour today.  Catch them at one of these locations:
May 16th – Hamden, CT – The Space
May 17th – Boston, MA
May 18th – Lowell, MA – Wilder Genecraft
May 19th – Ithaca, NY – The Chapter House
May 20th – Cleveland, OH – The Locker Room
May 21st – Kalamazoo, MI – The Corner Record Shop
May 22nd – Chicago, IL – Neverland
May 23rd – Saint Paul, MN – The Elephant Graveyard
May 24th – Minneapolis, MN – Hexagon Bar
May 25th – Milwaukee, WI – Quarter’s Roll n’ Roll Palace
May 26th – Chesterton, IN – Sound Cellar
May 27th – Columbus, OH
May 28th – Lafayette, IN – A.N.T. Pharm
May 29th – Pittsburgh, PA – The Shit Brick
May 30th – Philadelphia, PA – Hausu
May 31st – New Brunswick, NJ – The Alamo
June 1st – Brooklyn, NY – Big Snow