Sour Widows Share New Single “Bathroom Stall”

Bay Area trio Sour Widows have shared a video for their new single “Bathroom Stall,” the second single from their upcoming EP Crossing Over, available for pre-order now and due April 23rd via Exploding in Sound.

Of the song, the band’s Maia Sinaiko (they/them) says: “This song is about a relationship I had with someone who struggled with addiction, who very tragically passed away three years ago while we were together. It’s about some moments we shared, and how it feels to walk around carrying that person and those experiences with me while the world stays normal. I wrote the song because I wanted to preserve and document what happened to me, to write out the scary stuff and just let it sit there forever. I think it’s funny that it’s called ‘Bathroom Stall’ and that it has that image in it; the song goes from heavy and dark to ordinary and totally pedestrian in a sentence, which feels absurd. And that’s kind of what it’s like to grieve. That’s kind of what’s hard to explain about grief, how absurd it is. Part of you goes to a different planet and part of you stays walking around like an alien on Earth, going to the bathroom and looking at the moon and shit.”

With Crossing Over, Sour Widows discover a new intensity by turning inward. The band dials back some of the volume that drove their self-titled 2020 debut EP to make space for themes of self-reflection and painful change that cut through with sharpened clarity. The luminous vocal harmonies, complex guitar interplay, and understated drumming that have been at the core of the band’s sound remain foundational; but these four songs reach deeper, all the more stirring in their subtlety.

Photo Courtesy: Ginger Fierstein