Mister Goblin Shares Latest Single “Red Box” Featuring Sadie Dupuis

Bloomington’s Mister Goblin are sharing their latest single, “Red Box,” featuring guest vocals/synths from Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz/Sad13) from the band’s upcoming album, Bunny, out this Friday, April 22nd via Exploding In Sound Records (Ovlov, Pile, Floatie). The project’s fourth album in five years expands the solo project of Sam Goblin (Two Inch Astronaut) into a trio with Seth Engel (Options) and Aaron O’Neill (Cumbie) playing drums and bass, respectively. 

At times it’s the heaviest Mister Goblin has sounded, recalling Sam’s past with Two Inch Astronaut, while keeping the songwriting humorous and observant. Bunny is also built with sparse and sensitive recordings, the type that mix wry emotion and melodic hooks. The trio are joined by guests and frequent collaborators Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz/Sad13), Matt Gatwood (Two Inch Astronaut), K Nkanza (Sping Silver), and Andrew Krull to create the most dynamic and immediate songs of Sam’s career.

“Red Box” is the album’s third single, a quieter and more yearning acoustic track, lush and gorgeous, filled with heart and rich harmonies. It’s stunning, with sweeping synths and tongue in cheek emotion. The song certainly carries a big sense of humor, a love song about walking to the “Red Box” (which, in case you’re not familiar, are automatic vending machines for DVD rentals that are often in front at supermarkets). Despite the hilarious lyrics, Sam Goblin and Sadie Dupuis sing with their utmost sincerity. Speaking about the song, Sam shared:

“Whenever I see people at one of those Red Box machines, they just always look like cozy ass couples who spent all day having sex and then rolled out to grab a movie before returning to bed. That sort of inspired this Red Box yearning song.”

Photo Courtesy: Janel Nye