Song Premiere | Mayya, ”Rock Inside My Shoe”

On Infinite Possible Futures, Bay Area psych-pop savant Mayya has gifted contemporary reality a deeply engrossing, mind-bending fantastical journey of a record. Deftly balancing jangly sparkle and fuzz-blast hooks, the record trundles along magically on licorice-whip dream-pop rails. Lacing together the freeform Jazzbo excursions and magical mystery psychedelia is Mayya’s heavy-lidded, pastel warble of a voice. Embracing LoFi as a tonal palette (with levels balanced by the masterful Greg Saunier of Deerhoof),  Infinite Possible Futures is one of the rare records that leave the listener blissed out and grinning; wrapped in a warm glow, full-hearted, and just a touch disoriented. 

Mayya has released one of the more stunning singles off of Infinite Possible Futures today, “Rock Inside My Shoe.”  The track has all the makings of a perfect backdrop to a summer day; the windows are wide open which is allowing the wind to be a welcoming companion. Mayya and her band splash slacker rock, jazz, and soul to the ever-impressive instrumentals for “Rock Inside My Soul.”  

“The song is about when something subtly makes its way into your mind and keeps coming up, even when you think you’ve shaken it. Like a perpetual pebble in your shoe. & how we can gradually become more comfortable with these recurring thoughts,” says Mayya. “Ultimately it’s about getting out of our heads and not worrying so much. I say “we” and “our” because I assume other people have this experience, too. But of course, I wrote the song because it’s something I contend with every day, though I know worrying is futile.

Rock inside my shoe… everything around is treasure. If our hearts can see… there’s a love that can’t be measured.”

Fittingly, Infinite Possible Futures is a record that explores the eternal, internal struggle of being a good friend; both to oneself and to others. “There are infinite possible futures, as well as infinite possible presents” explains Mayya. “It is our choice – how we embrace and what we make of each moment – or don’t.”

Infinite Possible Futures is out September 9.

Photo Courtesy: Anna MacKenzie