Wild Arrows Release New Single “Here’s The Ghost”

NYC-based band Wild Arrows share “Here’s The Ghost” the final pre-release single from their new album Loving The Void (pre-order), set to be released June, 17, 2022. “Here’s the Ghost” was a true collaborative effort between the band’s Mike Law and the collective of producers Gary Atturio (Psychic TV, Belle Mare), Grady Walker, and Nick Krill  (The War On Drugs, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah), who worked on the album at Law’s studio, The Civil Defense. 

On the song Mike Law says:

“‘Here’s the Ghost’ should be the last song played at the dance. I didn’t go to the prom in high school because I knew they wouldn’t play this song. To be fair I hadn’t written it but I was still insulted that they weren’t going to play it. 

In the studio we were having a tough time connecting the first half of the song with the second half or even capturing the vibe at all. The producers I was working with, Gary Atturio and Grady Walker were right on board with the beginning but Grady really believed in the idea for the ending. He led the idea of micing the drums with Nick and got that big sound and most importantly, the vibe. It took us a while but we figured it out and eventually blended it exactly how I hoped. It’s not really a key change but it feels like one because it’s unexpected and open sounding. I’m not a Led Zeppelin fan but it reminds me of Stairway to Heaven or something grandiose like if Jimmy Page had synths instead of guitar solos. I mean, at its core it’s so obviously a love song about a love not confined to one lifetime so it’s supposed to be expansive sounding and it’s own universe.”