Wild Arrows Share “Reasoning With The Guards”

NYC-based band Wild Arrows share a final preview of their anticipated album with a new song and music video. “Reasoning With The Guards,” the fourth and final pre-release single from Loving The Void, out this Friday.

On the song and video, which was directed by Steven Ungureanu, Wild Arrows’ Mike Law says:

The video for ‘Reasoning with the Guards’ came from an idea that I used for the live show, to project my own pre-recorded shadow. In a live setting when I break from miming the shadow I can hear people gasp over the music. They’re shocked. It’s confusing and even though they can tell the shadow isn’t perfectly following my movements you can’t process what’s happening in real-time. We are so used to immediately understanding things visually. I hear the song the same way, there are some things that happen in it that don’t really make sense on the first listen. But for the video I also just liked the idea of asking a pre-recorded shadow of myself the questions in the song. Am I the prisoner, or the guard, am I real in this room? It was a way to make the song very literal. It’s an incredible song, I don’t mind saying so as it’s taken a long time to get to a moment this unique. I think the video matches it. Steven did an incredible job shooting this with me one night until about 5am. It’s the hole in the moon you should see when it’s a crescent.