Video Premiere | Fawns Of Love “Waiting For Dali’s Car”

Cascading through delicate icicles of frosty ethereal sounds, new ways are discovered in order to convey music. It’s happened time and time again throughout the decades and continues to maneuver through the 21st Century. What’s old isn’t always necessarily new but it’s evocative and enticing. While at times things may avoid nostalgia, there’s an exchange making huge leaps forward offering familiarity and in this case, yes, it feels new.

Fawns Of Love is the brainchild of singer Jenny Andreotti and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Andreotti. Together the married duo has blended their collective influences ranging from goth, new wave, to electronic, affixing them all together for something quite exquisite. Fawns Of Love has never shied away from the artists and styles that have impacted the music they’ve released, in fact, they’ve been embraced. Since 2019’s melancholic Permanent, the duo has captured a sound that would allure listeners through its beauty.

Last November Fawns Of Love released The Innocence Of Protection which showed further exploration, capitalizing on what it does best but also experimenting more, utilizing playful rhythms. Jenny’s angelic voice led the way as Joseph’s compositions, well, thrived through the atmosphere. Today Fawns Of Love shares the video for the single “Waiting For Dali’s Car,” a collage of imagery that matches the songs delicateness.

Of the video, Fawns Of Love offers:

The music video for “Waiting for Dali’s Car” uses stop motion photographs of archival interviews done with Salvador Dali, film clips of Dali’s Spellbound, clips from Hans Richter’s Everyday, and stop motion photographs of Jenny and Joseph from Fawns of Love. “Waiting for Dali’s Car” was written using the Moog Grandmother, Subharmonicon, and DFAM.