Video Premiere | Fawns Of Love “Love Stories”

In just over two weeks, Glass Modern Records is set to release its 40th-anniversary compilation, set for release on February 24, 2023, and the reverence for it should be held for it should be abundant and overflowing with praise. The 20-song release, Glass Remade/Remodelled features reworked tracks by some well-known and obscure artists.

To understand why this release, we must first understand the label itself. Glass Records was the precursor to what would later be created in Glass Modern Records. To this day, Glass Records remains one of the great unsung British independent labels of the 80s. With artists from the likes of  The Pastels, Spacemen 3, The Perfect Disaster, The Replacements, Walkingseeds, The Red Crayola, Mayo Thompson, The Servants, and many others, the label was distinctive in its ability to find musicians filled with artistry.

In 2015 Glass Records was revived as Glass REDUX, mainly for CD reissues, and then later in 2018 one might say the new startup imprint Glass Modern rose like a Phoenix out of the original label it was birthed from. The label has seen success with its growing stable of artists like Dan Weltman, Sheer, Snails, and of course, Fawns Of Love.

With albums filled with clever pop sensibilities and nostalgic fervor, Fawns Of Love – vocalist Jenny Andreotti and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Andreotti – creates dreamy soundscapes that are never easily dismissed. Why? Well, the band has found its own identity while deftly owing and paying tribute to its predecessors. Today the group shares the video for the reimagined work “Love Stories,” originally written and recorded by Bron Area, a short-lived post-punk group formed in 1979 that emerged from the Nuneaton, England music scene. Fawns Of Love have taken the song, reworking it, sounding so much different, richer, and fuller. 

The release can be pre-ordered here.

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