Video Premiere | Fawns Of Love “Courting the Devil’s Printer”

With great power comes great responsibility and the Fawns Of Love don’t take that lightly, as heard with its new and recently released, Fear The Softest Gaze (Kingfisher Bluez). The duo of husband/wife duo, singer Jenny Andreotti and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Andreotti, create an amalgamation of sound that traverses the ethereal, shoegaze, and post-punk while settling in somewhere around dreamscape compositions. Fear The Softest Gaze layers instruments around Jenny’s cooing vocals and one thing you’ll get from the band’s music is no song is ever repeated twice or sounds the same.

Today, Fawns Of Love shares the video for its “Courting The Devil’s Printer,” which rallies around its post-punk leaning, led by slinking guitars with its subtle rhythm. Here Joseph creates a tapestry of sound for Jenny to provide her airy voice. Repeated images swirl throughout the visuals, cleverly synched to the music which sometimes crashes without shattering anything. Fawns Of Love remains a forerunner to a sound and style it has mastered.