Rituals of Mine Share Video “65th St”

Rituals of Mine share the new video for “65th St” from HYPE NOSTALGIA, the new album out now on Carpark Records. The video honors the street she grew up on, and both the hilarious and traumatic stories that came with it. It was shot by Terra Lopez’s girlfriend on a borrowed camcorder.

“It’s a pretty desolate, raw part of town, especially the street I grew up on: 65th St,” says Lopez. “South Sacramento can be a difficult place to grow up in. There’s not a lot of success around you and a lot of folks never get out of the cycle of poverty and addiction that does exist there but there’s also such a beauty to the strength of the people who live there. Resilience thrives in that community and I definitely got it from living there. There’s also such a calmness on the streets and a humbleness that exists within the neighborhood. It’s just rows and rows of families living their lives, trying to get through the day.