Video Premiere: Sidney Lindner & The Silver Wilderness, "Mother's Tongue"

After being in contact with Michael Yorgensen (Ike Hammond) in late 2016, Sidney Lindner began to formulate ideas on what the two can work together on.  Luckily for Lindner, Yorgensen was given an opportunity to record music in the old New Hampshire church for a week.  The ageless backdrop provided Lindner and his band The Silver Wilderness Collective offered more than enough influence on the tracks; swelling strings, buzzing brass, Lindner’s smoky vocals all come alive in the album Summer Ghosts / Nightfalls.

Today, Sidney Lindner & The Silver Wilderness Collection along with director Ryan Prows have released part one of three of a triptych titled “Mother’s Tongue, which was inspired by Summer Ghosts / Nightfalls. Prows previously premiered one of his works Lowlife at Fantasia Fest 2017 and won an Audience Award and Cheval Noir Special Jury Prize. The eleven minute film was also released theatrically by IFC Midnight.

Here’s what Prows said in regards to the video project:

“Sidney Lindner’s haunting music captured my imagination the moment I heard it. He paints sonic images like no other. We strive to do the music justice with this first segment in the Summer Ghosts / Nightfalls triptych. The shoot itself was an adventure that my friends & collaborators were generously game enough to help create on the run. Nick Gillie and Shaye Ogbonna are both honest and wonderful performers and gave their all. Benjamin Kitchens photographed with his usual high-level narrative insight and world-class eye. Brett W. Bachman was an essential collaborator in the storytelling process, a top-notch editor who hit the road with us to provide creative support as we shot. Loren White came through with a hell of a grade. Jarod Shannon, Arly Montes, and Team Win made it all possible. Thanks for watching, and stick around in the coming weeks for the continuing story!”