Video Premiere: Rock Eupora "In The Morning"

This is about Rock Eupora, the pseudonym Nashville-based artist Clayton Waller records under. The music under the moniker is clear and distinctive; gritty rock offset with clear and clever pop undertones. Waller doesn’t seem to have the need to overcompensate with loads of feedback or fill songs with fuzzed and distorted guitars, but he can and it seems we’re all the better for it. Over the course of three albums, Waller has written, performed, and handled all the production. It gives a clear idea of the direction he’s heading into, without distraction.

Rock Eupora’s last self-titled release dropped back in August of 2018, and Waller describes it as, “…very personal. I put so much into these songs. I think I have a tendency to care too much… I have to remind myself to just make art and enjoy it.”

Today Rock Eupora premieres the video for “In The Morning,” the stunning closer to the last album, and the track itself is an expansive piece of work filled with a stunning array of melody and harmony. Guitars are layered in the background, never overtaking Waller’s words and voice. His production is clean and concise as the song will occasionally have you believing it may fall apart, but in a way that’s simply majestic.

Of the video itself, this is what Clayton Waller says of it:

My hometown (Jackson MS) friends Charles Adcock and Jackson Donald had an idea for the video and I let them run with it. Jackson shot and edited it. I think the main theme of the song/video is hope. Life is hard — it’s a battle to be and do good even when it doesn’t feel natural. And doing the right thing isn’t easy. Change doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why finding hope is important – it keeps us going. I believe that there is evil in my core being. Every day is a fight against the grain. Every morning I have to re-calibrate and reteach myself what is important. Even though I’ll continue to mess up over and over again, the morning is the start of a new day – representing a blank slate and a fresh chance. So I guess in some sense the song is also about forgiveness

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