Video Premiere: PANICKER, "Parties"

Get ready for one of the weirdest and scariest dance parties of your life. You’re about to witness the premiere video for the single “Parties,” by Brent Asbury’s solo project PANICKER. Asbury’s composition, combined with some deeply psychedelic and unsettling visuals directed by Eric Livingston (also the artist behind Dead Cross’ newest artwork and video), will likely get your toes tapping if doesn’t get you frantically questioning your sanity first.
If you’re unfamiliar with PANICKER, you should start by taking a look at the eclectic career of Brent Asbury. He’s one of the most prolific entertainers and contributors of the underground scenes in San Diego, Portland, The West Coast, and beyond. Perhaps you’ve seen him slamming behind the drumkit with the sludge / prog metal heavy hitters of Goblin Cock or with the indie-inspired art rockers of Thingy. You may have also inadvertently heard some of his mixing or engineering work as his contributions literally cover anything from Michael Bolton to The Locust.
These diverse experiences combined with a seriously hard working musician’s attitude, undoubtedly gave wings to whatever PANICKER actually is. Likely falling first and foremost within in the EDM universe, Asbury’s style is equally inspired by techno as it is by punk. It’s danceable, but it’s also aggressive and often nerve-racking. Rapid changes can be expected along with some haunting atmospherics for a truly unique listening experience.
If you dig the “Parties” single, you can hear more of it on PANICKER’s debut self-titled LP. It’s currently available for digital download and vinyl via Three One G, the record label owned and operated by Justin Pearson (Dead Cross, The Locust, Retox).
Check it out!
(Words by Andrew Humphrey)