From The Horse's Mouth: Luke Schwartz (Loose Planes) on Loose Planes EP

Loose Planes

Loose Planes

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Loose Planes formed with one goal in mind: to create catchy alternative rock that harkens back to the days when it was okay to have a little power in sound and catchiness in your hooks. Almost immediately, they bring to mind ’90s greats like Dinosaur Jr. and Sugar, yet simultaneously infuse a vibe only musicians that grew up in the current punk scene could create.
Recorded by Matt Jordan (Into It. Over It., You Blew It!, Their / They’re / There) at Atlas Studios in Chicago, IL and mastered by Will Yip (Pity Sex, Daylight, Title Fight) at Studio 4, the debut release by the band exhibits an incredible knack for writing songs that are both infectiously catchy and powerfully intense. The release only teases at their potential though, leaving the door wide open to a promising future.
Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Luke Schwartz to discuss their self-titled EP, which drops July 8 via 6131 Records.  This is what he told us.
When did you begin writing the material for your EP?  
“Cave” was written about three years ago and is kind of the song that started the band. Last July I asked Brent, Kyle, and Teddy if they wanted to start a band. That was the first song we worked on, and from there the others kind of came naturally.
What was the most difficult song to take from the initial writing stage through recording and mixing?  Why was it so troublesome?
None of them were too hard thankfully. The nature of our band is to just kind of go with your gut. Everyone song was recorded with only a couple takes. Not everything is perfect and that’s just how we like it.
Which of the songs on the record is most different from your original concept for the song?
“Cave” definitely has a couple different parts in it that the others guys threw in there to spice it up a bit.
Did you have any guest musicians play or sing on the record?
Not this time. I emailed Dave Grohl and he never responded. (Dave if you read this we can try again some other time…)
Who engineered, produced and mastered the record?  What input did they have that changed the face of the record?
Our good friend Matt Jordan engineered, produced, and mixed the record. He’s very easy and comfortable to work with and understands our bands dynamic. He’s also not afraid to tell us when something sucks or could be better which is very important. Will Yip mastered the record.
Is there an overarching concept behind your new EP that ties the record together?
Yeah, sweet ass rock music that will get caught in your head. The only concept my mind can handle.
Have you begun playing these songs live and which songs have elicited the strongest reaction from your fans?
I don’t think we have fans yet and if we do that’s crazy because I never thought this band would even get to this point (releasing a record).
(Stream “Licking Cement” and “Cave” from the EP via Soundcloud:

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Loose Planes are in the midst of a stint supporting Tigers Jaw and Pity Sex in the Eastern U.S. and Canada.

06/16 Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer *
06/17 Boston, MA @ Middle East Downstairs *
06/18 Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg *
06/19 Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck +
06/20 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean +
* w/ Tigers Jaw, Pity Sex, Petal
+ w/ Tigers Jaw, Pity Sex