Internet Secrets | Drug Pop; An Interview With Lovelorn

Debuts just don’t just manifest themselves out of nowhere, we all know they take time, as did What’s Yr Damage (6131 Records). It’s the newest release by Lovelorn, the duo of Anna & Patrick Troxell whom some may remember from their stint in the Philly outfit Creepoid. Creepoid released music from 2010 through 2016 and eventually wrapped things up neatly while Lovelorn kept its musical output classified. While Lovelorn has released material as early as 2018, and we may have all needed a new release earlier, we were left with delays for what I’m sure were obvious reasons.

Through varying degrees, Lovelorn moves in directions and spaces others don’t. The group bypasses and leapfrog’s over genres as if they were non-existent. Through the din of caterwauling sounds emanating from the group’s music, there’s a fantastic explosion of melody. The band exudes confidence through its music without caving into the pressure of its own ego. It’s easy to fall in love quickly with Lovelorn, as both Patrick & Anna’s combined vocal interplay works wonders. I caught up with the band as they discuss the new album, what went into the making of What’s Yr Damage, and what’s in store.

So tell us, who are you really?

We are really Anna and Patrick Troxell.

You were original members of the rock group Creepoid. How much of a secret was Lovelorn at the time? 

Creepoid ended almost an entire year before we announced it publicly, so that was the bigger secret. We decided to wait to announce Lovelorn until after the final Creepoid show, seemed wrong somehow to start something new without fully completing the old.

What are/were your (personal or group) aspirations?

We aspire to grow with each project, to keep challenging each other and our audience. Ideally, Lovelorn will become our full-time endeavor and we can go on tour forever. (RIP)

The two of you are Philly through and through, correct? How does where you currently live affected your energy, creative output, etc.?

Philly has the best music scene in the country. We benefit from being influenced by all the diverse voices that flow from it. I think place definitely affects your output, you soak up the energy around you. For the past 10 months, we have been living in Austin Texas. Patrick lived here from 2004-2008 and we always felt like it was our 2nd home. Living between both cities has really affected our sound.

When did you first begin recording and playing live?

We really began as Lovelorn in the Fall of 2018, that’s when we became a two-piece and started honing in on our new sound. Recording started right around then as well but was a super lengthy process.

Playing live, is it still just the two of you, or are you incorporating more members into the live performance?

We are open to having guest performers, both live and on the records. Who knows maybe old friends will join us on stage in the future.

What would you like music listeners to know about your music? 

Creepoid had a different approach to writing. We tackled more large, abstract ideas about life and humanity. With Lovelorn we are taking a more personal, specific approach. 

Your album seems extensively detailed, musically speaking. No one ever wants to be pigeonholed. I think you create something unique and I myself don’t view it as one particular thing. Seems like you blend genres but aren’t fitted comfortably in just one, which is what I appreciate.


How would you describe your sound and/or the genre it exists in/out of?

We describe it as drug pop, existing in the world of Lovelorn.

What’s in the future for Lovelorn? 

We will celebrate What’s Yr Damage with a string of shows in Texas and on the East Coast, and venture out into the world next year. 

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