Lovelorn (ex-Creepoid) Shares Single “Reason”

Philadelphia’s Lovelorn recently shared details for their debut album What’s Yr Damage (out on August 6th via 6131 Records), and today the duo (comprised of Anna + Patrick Troxell) have unveiled the album’s gauzy and gleaming second single, “Reason.” With their steadfast take on synth-fueled pop, it is clear that the end of one project begets another, the existence of a troubled past implies a promising future, and a wound can open as a world of potential. 

Staring down the barrel of Creepoid’s dissolution, Anna and Patrick didn’t see an ending. Instead, they staged the reveal of their then-secret project Lovelorn. This commitment to secrecy pervades throughout What’s Yr Damage; each lyric rings like a slurred secret, every melody slips like an ace from a sleeve. 

Named for a term of endearment used between the pair, What’s Yr Damage celebrates the longstanding romantic and creative partnership between the duo. Eager to press flesh to the sonic skeletons left by Creepoid, the Troxells began to connect their expansive influences into a constellation of sound they’ve coined as “drug pop.” From dusky new wave synths to throbbing Detroit techno, What’s Yr Damage lies on the outskirts of conventional pop music.  Using a menagerie of analog and digital instrumentation, Lovelorn’s sound is rooted in the heydays of their prime influences—Soulwax, Echo & The Bunnymen, Spacemen 3—with eyes set on a self-made future.