The 1984 Draft to be included in NFL documentary

On January 10, 2014,  NFL films arrive in Dayton, Ohio to film The 1984 Draft (a band) for a documentary on the (actual) 1984 NFL Draft to air on the NFL network in April 2014.  More details on filming are forthcoming.

The 1984 Draft is made up of seasoned Ohio musicians — Joe Anderl, vocalist/guitarist, fronted Waking Kills The Dream (Goodlife Recordings),  bass player Tod Weidner, is on loan from  Motel Beds (Misra Records), and drummer Justin Santinover, plays guitar in Kris N. (Poptek Records). Guitarist Eli Alban rounds out the quartet.
Here is video of the band performing at local CD release show in November 2013:
In various incarnations The 1984 Draft has played shows with Maritime, Andrew W.K., The Wrens, Owen, Kevin Devine, Hawthorne Heights, The Story Changes, Southeast Engine, and a buttload of other amazing artists.
The band is planning to record an EP for release on an undetermined label in early 2014.