The 1984 Draft Issue Best Friends Forever on Cassette

Dayton, Ohio punk quintet The 1984 Draft, who released their latest LP on January 19 via Poptek Records, Sell The Heart Records, and Engineer Records (UK), teamed with Steadfast Records (Zao, Brandston, Appleseed Cast) to release the album on limited edition cassette on August 4. 

The album features collaborations with Susie Ulhrey (Pohgoh), Todd Farrell Jr. (Benchmarks, Two Cow Garage), and Sean Gardner (Kopaz, The Reciever, Winter Makes Sailors, Minnows) and ushers in the band’s newest member, Cherry Fullam, on vocals.  The tape includes two additional live tracks that were recorded by Patrick Himes at Reel Love Studio and the 7″ version of “Two Cow Barrage.”

Watch a live video of bonus track “Last Summer” here.

Order from Steadfast:

“When the opportunity came to work with Steadfast Records it was a no brainer” vocalist/guitarist Joe Anderl says.  “The label has so many incredible releases under their belt. This is a great opportunity for us to do something new and different on a format we’ve not released prior.”

The 1984 Draft is comprised of Anderl, guitarist Eli Alban, bassist Chip Heck, vocalist Cherry Fullam, and drummer Justin Satinover. To date, the band have released a compilation track, a pair of EPs, three 7 inches (w/ Todd Farrell of Benchmarks, and Gordon Withers of J. Robbins Band) an LP, and played hundreds of shows, including supporting Radar State, Haymarket Riot, The Color Fred, Josh Caterer of The Smoking Popes, Signals Midwest, Jon Snodgrass, Ben Nichols of Lucero, Crooks on Tape, Dead Rider, Maps and Atlases, Vinnie Caruana of The Movielife, Anthony Raneri of Bayside, Geoff Rickly of Thursday, and more.


Photo courtesy of The 1984 Draft