Album Premiere | Skymender, If and Only

Fresh out of Washington, D.C., Skymender’s debut album, If and Only, emerges with an immersive sound and a siren force on October 20 from Steadfast Records. Recorded at the renowned Magpie Cage Studios in Baltimore, Maryland, and engineered, mixed, and co-produced by J. Robbins, If and Only conjures a gauzy dreamworld. Their unique palette draws from post-punk, post-rock, emo, and dream pop to create a bright, lysergic-tinged tapestry.

The dual vocals from Ashley Scurto and guitarist Kenny Grose volley into ana ethereal haze – sounds which takes shape through the efforts of drummer S. Dwayne Bruner (Cross My Heart, Government Issue), guitarist James Banta, and bassist Zahin Huq.

Today, we offer a premiere of this pristine offering.

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Photo courtesy of Skymender