Costa Rica’s Cabeza de Agua Ready Debut

Costa Rican emo infused post-hardcore band Cabeza de Agua release their debut self-titled EP on July 2 via Steadfast Records.

An unlikely sound from San José, Costa Rica, Cabeza de Agua (literally translated as “Water’s Head” but actually meaning “Flash Flood” in Costa Rican slang) brings an explosive form of passionate screamo and post-hardcore reminiscent of ’90s acts like Orchid and Saetia.

Formed by Diego Cubillo, Emanuel Mora and Mauricio Alvarado, all active in other Costa Rican bands playing shoegaze (Adiós Cometa, Lentamente) hardcore (Contraflores, Mal Visto), and slowcore (Decora). The trio join together around their love for this chaotic, emotive and heartfelt sound. The result is an intense EP that reinterprets their many influences in new, diverse ways, blending unusual pairings like ambient and spoken word into captivating and moving compositions.

The album was recorded live at Red Stag Studio, in San José, Costa Rica, by Pablo Ocampo. This is a short but sweet gem.

The EP is available for pre-order now here.

Photo courtesy of Cabeza de Agua