Gnarwhal share "Anal Riffage" from forthcoming LP

Nashville, TN’s Gnarwhal are streaming a new track titled “Anal Riffage” off their upcoming LP.

Noisey says, “Gnarwhal is fast, disorientingly technical, and aggressively tight. The Nashville two-piece sound like they were ripped straight from the Level Plane roster of the late 90s. Desperately loud screaming over blazingly fast math-punk jamming by two guys who sound like they’re in a mad race to show off their skills on their respective instruments. So while we are constantly bombarded by bands trying to duplicate what Nirvana did, let us thank the gods of music for Gnarwhal.”
The band’s LP Shinerboy will be released June 23 via Flannel Gurl Records(vinyl) and Exploding in Sound Records (cassette).