Thomas Dollbaum Drops Single “Florida”

Thomas Dollbaum is stepping into the spotlight. The New Orleans via Florida songwriter has been absorbing the stories of the drifters and seekers he grew up around for decades, distilling them into moving songs about false starts and endless searching. His crackling voice invokes comparisons to contemporaries like Damien Jurado, and the immaculate production recalls breakout stars like Blake Mills.

His debut single Florida” is buoyed by his singular voice, rippling over muted acoustic guitar before the song roars to life. Kate Teague makes an appearance, contributing lilting harmonies. The accompanying visual captures the swampy, suburban sprawl of the Sunshine State, the bleached motel rooms and empty parking lots juxtaposed against crowded waterways.

In his own words, Thomas explains – “I grew up outside Tampa, FL and before I had a car, I would take the bus into town and walk through the city to get to my friend’s neighborhood from downtown.  “Florida” is about the people I knew who were down and out where I am from, it’s about getting into trouble, hanging out with strangers, and how a place can mold you into who you are even as you are wishing you could do something or be somewhere else.”

Photo Courtesy: Cora Nimtz