Thomas Dollbaum Shares “Florida” Ft Kate Teague

Florida-born, New Orleans-based Thomas Dollbaum shares his new video for the single “Florida,” the first released song, featuring the excellent Kate Teague joining him on vocals. Dollbaum grew up in nowhere Florida and currently works construction in New Orleans where he received an MFA in poetry. He’s a poet of the American south and his music feels connected to a classic strain of American culture about losers and outcasts and everyday darknesses, Jim Jarmusch, Ramond Carver, and the like. The single is off his Wellswood (Big Legal) release, out sometime in early 2022.

Dollbaum offers:

I grew up outside Tampa, FL and before I had a car, I would take the bus into town and walk through the city to get to my friend’s neighborhood from downtown.  “Florida” is about the people I knew who were down and out where I am from, it’s about getting into trouble, hanging out with strangers, and how a place can mold you into who you are even as you are wishing you could do something or be somewhere else.