Thao & The Get Down Stay Down Shares “Marrow – Strings Version”

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down announces the October 29 release of Temple – Deluxe Edition via Ribbon Music. The LP is a digital deluxe version of her latest album, 2020’s Temple. and will feature acoustic and string arrangement versions of the LP’s “How Could I,” “Marauders,” “Marrow,” and “Temple.”  With this news, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down reveal “Marrow – Strings Version” as well as the official video for “Marrow,” directed by Linda Green. The clip narrates the song’s story of a woman compelled by love to heal herself so she can be a better partner. 

Thao notes, ““Marrow” is a declaration, an apology, a release, and a love song. Until the album Temple, I had not explored nor cultivated the gift and the right of the pure love song, due to many external and internal barriers to me being fully out in my career. I wrote it just before my partner and I got married in late 2019. I knew from the beginning that “Marrow” would close the album; I knew I would need it to punctuate an end and more importantly, a beginning. I am so thrilled for “Marrow” to have its own visual life. Shooting this video helped anchor me even more in the love and resolve that propelled “Marrow.” Endless thanks to director Linda Mai Green and her fantastic team for giving me the opportunity to physically do what I have been trying to figuratively get at for so long: destroy artifice and defense and false altars, tear away shame and guilt strip by strip, and to be light and free enough to join my life and love, already in progress.”

Photo Courtesy: Mike Byrne