Song Premiere | ThemThatKnow, “Whiskey and Fistfights”

On The Shape of Our Love, the new full length from Austin, TX psychedelic Americana band ThemThatKnow, hallucinatory Heartland rock drapes a weary arm around insightful, poignant lyricism as they wander together into the sagebrush. The record’s earthy swagger belies a hard-won self-confidence, rolling with in-the-pocket ease. Intergalactic ruminations on the elasticity of the human condition dusted with Texas red dirt and perfumed with bourbon and mesquite smoke, The Shape of Our Love is at once a testament to the deep value of self-reflection and a compelling, melodic rock & roll record.

Today ThemThatKnow has shared “Whiskey and Fistfights,” which is featured on the upcoming album.  “’Whiskey and Fistfights’ is an homage to country singer-songwriters a la John Prine,” says James Archer. “It’s about a bar we used to frequent, and all of the characters are based on real people we encountered over the course of time. I am the fella with a guitar, and I expect that my musician friends can relate, This is a song about regret and loneliness, and it still manages to be fun. It’s nostalgic for times probably best left in the past.”

ThemThatKnow has drawn the title of each of their records from the lyrics within, and The Shape of Our Love is no different. “As a lyricist, I have written only to my wife, Rachel, and about her, and about myself in the world, at least as far as I can see those things, and know them, and notice them,” says James. Keeping with that idea, The Shape of Our Love is a record about the changing intricacies over the long term in a devoted relationship. 

While anyone who spends time with this record will feel it speaking to them, The Shape of Our Love is a record of true stories. These songs chronicle James’ joy and his pain, and to him, they are a source of comfort and a way for him to tell the people he loves that he loves them. “As a songwriter, I hope the people can relate and find comfort in that relating,” says James. “As a band, we hope this record might tell you something about yourself that you didn’t know, but you recognize when you see it.” A record of contemplative insights writ with a deft economy of language, The Shape of Our Love is an earnest reminder that while we each live our own stories, we are bound together by our shared humanity.    

Photo Courtesy: Mike Connell