Song Premiere | The Raging Nathans, “Fucked Olympia”

Formed in 2009, the Raging Nathans have become known for their prolific recorded output and tight live performances. Over the last decade, the Nathans has released four LPs, a score of EPs, and split 7-inches, two singles collections, and have embarked on an ambitious new plan to release a new song every two weeks, culminating in the release of their newest LP Still Spitting Blood.

Their fifth album, Still Spitting Blood, sees via Rad Girlfriend Records (preorder) with an exclusive color vinyl release in the U.K. through Brassneck Records (preorder) on January 19, 2023. It was recorded by The Copyrights’ Luke McNeil, and it offers up 10 songs in roughly 20 minutes.

The seventh song from the record is “Fucked Olympia.”

Guitarist Nick Hamby says, “When I wrote ‘Fucked Olympia’ I was thinking about how I don’t always remember the past as it exactly happened. It’s interesting to see how memories evolve as you get older. It’s a song about feeling nostalgic without really missing the past and wanting to move forward instead.”

Photo by Stephanie Baker