Song Premiere: Rumour Mill, “Shiver”

Being lifelong friends, the duo of Aline Daigle (violin/vocals) and Anna Katarina (piano/vocals) have come together to create Rumour Mill.  The effervescent blending of indie pop, folk, and country have critics and fans affectionately becoming intoxicated by the duo’s sound.  Rumour Mill consistently explore showcase timeless themes within their lyrics, such as heartache, joy, love, and adventure.  Their debut EP Daylight’s Free earned the duo a nomination for Artist of the Year in the 2019 Kootenay Music Awards, Top 100 in CBC Searchlight, and a full scholarship to the 2020 Folk Alliance Conference in New Orleans.

Released earlier this month, Rumour Mill’s follow up EP Gone With The Wine evolving their sound towards the next level.  Today, we are delighted to premiere the latest single “Shiver.”  Here’s the twosome on the single: “Shiver is a song that came out of a really dark time. It demonstrates how if you allow yourself to embrace the loss of a relationship, something beautiful can come from it. Bringing this song to fruition was a process of healing, and has helped resolve grief and allowed the coming to terms with past decisions. Expect a groovy song with three-part vocals and an uplifting melody to a heartbreaking story.”

And here is the video for the single:

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