Song Premiere | Rook Richards, “Euphoric Dream”

Characterized by a harmonious fusion of genres including singer/songwriter, pop country, and acoustic rock, Rook Richards has developed a distinctive sound of his own. Intertwining an eclectic mix of musical influences, ethereal vocals, and narrative-driven lyrics, Richards is gearing up to deliver one single per month throughout 2023.  Today Rook Richards drops “Euphoric Dream.”

Carried by enchanting and sensual acoustic guitar, Richard’s vocals feel like a warm hug. Written about the complexities of young love, the song is a bittersweet exploration of the universal experience of heartbreak; lyricizing about the anguish of finding love in addition to sharing a perspective of optimism and hope for the future.

“It was a typical song about finding young love but through a tundra of cold hearts that are out there, that couldn’t care less if you added to their lives or not,” shares Richards. “It was the realization that the hope of someone you could really spend your life with was actually there.”

Richards writes music from the heart and for the people, exploring concepts of heartache and the importance of perseverance in the lifelong pursuit of love and happiness. His overall message is one of hope, optimism, and positivity. Creating music guided by his own honest and raw emotional experiences, he lends a supportive hand to his listeners, reminding them that heartbreak is universal, that you are never alone, and that there’s never an appropriate time to lose faith.

Beginning his musical career in 2017 with the band — A Note Two Self — Richards started making large strides toward music; treating it like a language and immersing himself in it fully. Driven by an intense passion and purpose, he did everything in his power to make music his livelihood, releasing multiple singles, an EP, engaging in many local touring opportunities, and eventually deciding to dedicate himself to pursuing a solo path.

Photo Courtesy: Charles Butler