Song Premiere: Pop Empire "Sister Chaos"

Where to begin as far as Pop Empire is concerned.

The band has slowly ridden the undercurrents of the Cincinnati music scene, dedicated to a musical identity that’s reflective of multiple decades like the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, but footed firmly in 2019, self-categorized as a “psychedelic death boogie.” It’s a description that’s more than fitting. Led by bassist Henry Wilson’s falsetto, and accentuated by guitarist Katrina Eresman and drummer Jake Langknecht’s percussive throttle, the band creates a sound that’s quite original and eerie. The line-up has been solidified for the past two years, enabling the band to become a symbiotic unit.

This Saturday, July 27, 2019, Pop Empire is set to release its third album entitled Novena, producing 9 tracks of garage psychedelia that’s inviting and filled with soundscapes that don’t fit any genre and simply cannot be pigeonholed.

Today Pop Empire premieres the single off the forthcoming album, “Sister Chaos.” The band seamlessly moves through the track allowing each instrument to fulfill its part within the song. Imagine three musicians playing parts individually with sheer abandon but coalescing with one another with one powerful track. That in itself only gives you an idea of what the band sounds like. Pop Empire is on another level altogether.

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