Song Premiere: Phil And The Osophers Share, "Endeavour"

It may take a moment but once you understand the wordplay on the Phil And The Osophers moniker, its cleverness won’t escape you. Phil And The Osophers is the brainchild of one Phil Radiotes, a Brooklyn-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s originally from San Francisco. The music he creates doesn’t fall within cookie-cutter patterns and avoids current trends, instead creating music with psychedelic elements into structures that are pop-oriented. But he’s not just another pop songwriter.

Phil And The Osophers share the new single “Endeavour” (out March 15th), which captures the moment filtering his own influences for something quite soothing and hypnotic.

“‘Endeavour’ is my attempt to write in Greek mythological terms. I think it would be rad to live in a time when astrology and mythology had a place in everyday life, making the stars’ watch central to our lives. It would be rad to even see the night sky as vivid as they all did. The central character is a banished mythological figure, who still sees his love up in the sky in constellation form, as he once was. Like in a Greek tragedy, he is hopeless, without chance to ascend back to what he sees as his rightful place in the sky.  He can only watch as Orion moves into his place and opine about how he has fallen from the gods’ favor.” – Phil Radiotes, Phil and the Osophers

Cover Art by Dan Lean

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