Song Premiere | Ryan Shelkett “Damage”

Preceded by a lifer-length musical career, acclaimed Cross My Heart/Liars Academy frontman Ryan Shelkett wrote and recorded the J. Robbins produced  Someone Becomes No One (Steadfast Records) will be available June 10 on physical and digital formats. 

A seasoned veteran, sprung from the scrappy Baltimore indie/emo scene of the mid nineties. Ryan Shelkett has spent the past 30 years writing, recording, touring and sharing instantly relatable stories in song. His gorgeous debut finds that familiar voice wandering into somber new territory. Clouds of dark Americana hover over stripped down rock songs, peppered with resonant tales of death, mourning, and aging. Simply, its a stunning collection of Shelkett’s most mature work yet. 

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The second single from Shelkett’s LP, “Damage,” hits streaming tomorrow, May 27. The most uptempo track on the record, “Damage,” carries a Bob Mould vibe that indie rock fans are sure to recognize and appreciate.

“Damage is a bit of a departure sonically and lyrically from the rest of the album, but I wanted to include it to add more dimension to the record,” shares Shelkett.

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