Song Premiere | PR For Monsters, “Asmema (A Song May Eat Me Alive)”

With the nexus of 70’s arena funk-rock, interdimensional neo-prog, and psychedelic fuzz-blues infused within their music, Seattle-based quintet PR For Monsters seem to have teleported into our world fully formed. Through an expansive half-dozen tracks, the band tangles with the myriad implications lying at the intersection of human nature and the realities of modern life, blowing through dialectics like a hot psychedelic wind.

PR For Monsters is set to release its self-released album on March 3. The band has dropped one of the singles coming from the album today “Asmema (A Song May Eat Me Alive).” Keyboardist Corbin Charpentier says in regard to the song, “The first conception, originating some ten years ago, ironically sprang from a severe case of writer’s block. ‘Asmema (A Song May Eat Me Alive)’ sort of harnessed that inertial energy against itself. The band took the idea and morphed it into an allegorical triumph of persistence over the paralysis of boundless choice.”

Written across the Pacific Northwest, PR FOR MONSTERS was recorded at home studios, The Vault at The Bootstrap Music Co in Seattle, and Amit Sounds in Bellevue. It was produced by the band and mixed and mastered by Amit Amram.

A full-throttle journey through environmentalism, mental health struggles, spirituality, overcoming adversity, and self-acceptance, the PR4M EP rings with an internal coherence that belies the relative youth of the project. An energizing, cathartic experience, PR For Monsters rises from the depths of Puget Sound, arms raised to the old gods and eyes burning with the vision of infinite dying suns.

Photo Courtesy: Lydia Brewer