Song Premiere | Lisa Crawley, “Don’t Delete Me”

Indie-pop musician Lisa Crawley has been immersed in music since the age of four. Numerous albums, EPs and singles later, her refreshingly honest onstage presence and emotionally authentic pop songs enchant the hearts and minds of an ever-growing global audience.

New Zealand-born Crawley moved to Los Angeles in early 2020, after career forays in London and Melbourne. Emerging from her first year in LA, during which she eschewed pandemic realities to thrive and survive, Crawley released her EP Looking for Love  (In A Major) featuring singles “The Right Way”, “Looking for Love” and “Clear History”.

Today Crawley has released the piano ballad “Don’t Delete Me.”  Much in the way of her previous efforts, listeners will be captivated by the emotional comfort of Crawley’s vocals and the soft touch of the keys.  “‘Don’t Delete Me’ started as an idea written in my apartment in July 2021.” Crawley says. “It was a particularly challenging month, and apart from a few trips to LA before moving here in January 2020, right before the pandemic, I hadn’t experienced what pre-pandemic life was like here and was just waiting it out. As it was for many people, it was confronting and isolating time for me and being halfway across the world – hence the start of ‘Don’t Delete Me’, a theme that fits in the context of careers, relationships, social media and most recently, being deleted, in the literal sense.

I was hacked for three months this year on all social media which was scary, isolating but mostly annoying, especially as an artist who is somewhat new in LA trying to book shows! I consider myself pretty persistent and after a few months, I ended up outsmarting whoever was behind all of it. So if anyone asks, I say that this song is a love letter to my hacker!”

Crawley’s resume includes performing her own song arrangements with the Auckland Symphony Orchestra and opened for Suzanne Vega, John Mayer, Jools Holland, Paul Weller and Simply Red. More recently, Crawley donned her acting hat to star as ‘GIRL’ in the Tony Award-winning musical Once. Prior to this in 2017, the gig-theatre production ‘Elizabeth’ was co-created with Bullet Heart Club (Daffodils) featuring Crawley’s original songs and stories.

As well as being an award-winning songwriter, Crawley has a vast repertoire of songs and performs regularly as a pianist/vocalist at some of the most prestigious venues in Los Angeles including The San Vincente Bungalows, The Dresden, The Stowaway and The Hotel Cafe. 

Photo Courtesy: Olivia DeToma