Rock Eupora Shares New Single “Can You Feel The Weight?”

One raucous, sweaty and uplifting live show at a time, Rock Eupora – the musical project spearheaded by Mississippi-born Clayton Waller – with fearless, confessional lyricism delivered through hooks that stay with you long after the setlist ends.

For an album that centers so deeply on community, its only fitting that Pick At The Scab (out August 19 via Single Lock Records) stands as the most collaborative Rock Eupora release to date; not only benefitting from Waller letting his Nashville support system further into his sonic world, but from access to horn sections and orchestral arrangements to enhance Waller’s high-energy, harmony-laden signature sound. There’s no better example of those traits coming to life than lead single “Can You Feel The Weight?” – which features 36 tracks of strings while lyrically celebrating the weight lifted off your shoulders “as the ones who love you take away the shame.”

Thematically, Pick At The Scab finds Waller arriving at the revelation that healing begins when we stop trying to force it; and, while we may be constantly compelled to “fix” everything about ourselves, it often works out no better than the titular metaphor if we don’t embrace our imperfections in the process. The album also marks Rock Eupora’s first full-length release for Single Lock Records, the ascendant Southern independent music label who just took home their first GRAMMY on three total 2022 nominations. The band – named after the small town of Eupora in Waller’s home state – performed at Single Lock’s official SXSW showcase last month, where 360 Degree Sound praised the “extremely energetic and animated frontman” for “immediately winning over the crowd.” Rock Eupora will return to the road this fall, with Pick At The Scab tour dates to be announced soon. 

Photo Courtesy: Whitten Sabbatini