Mike Krol Is Back With New Album, Shares Single "Little Drama"

Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Krol has announced that he will be releasing his infectious new album, Power Chords, in January.  It will be the first release from Krol since his media darling Turkey in 2015.  To celebrate the news, Krol recently released the first single “Little Drama”.
Here’s Krol on the single: “‘Little Drama’ summarizes my daily struggles. It has brash, over-the-top aggressive verses with a chorus that reveals all of the confrontation and toughness that was just described in the verses was internal and an imaginary scenario that’ll most likely never be carried out. I suppose it’s the Midwestern in me to be polite, kind and apologetic always on the outside – while on the inside, keeping a list of names of everyone who’s done you wrong and bottling up all your anger until one day it explodes.”
At one point after the release of Turkey and an extensive world tour concluding, Krol found himself in the midst of a full-blown existential crisis. He’d invested everything to create the rock-and-roll life he’d always wanted, but he wasn’t sure the life wanted him back.  I think that we can all agree that it’s good to see Krol is back and ready to continue what has started.