BSE 85: Miya Folick, The Vernes, Westerman, Alias and Doseone, Mike Krol and Public Practice

“Beast on Beast Action”

Photos Courtesy of the Artists

On this episode of Best Song Ever the dear, dear cousins are live on location at Luke’s Dark Baptism where they sing a song to Satan, play a special Halloween game of Hymn or Horror and Luke sneakily signs Brian’s name in the Book of the Beast setting off a cataclysmic chain of events as Brian now has competing claims over his soul. Even amidst all this excitement, Brian would rather be playing Red Dead Redemption II. Also, Luke confuses Mike Krol for Nick Krol and thinks all albums should be under 10 minutes. The cousins discuss being polite Midwestern boys and enter a Joke Free Zone as they talk about an artist who has passed away. Upon leaving the joke free zone they dig deep into the hunks of Grey’s Anatomy, discover Luke’s coffee has been spiked with goof juice, Brian gives some McDonald’s Life Hacks and the cousins both whisper like creeps all while playing the six best songs you’ll hear all week!
Every week Ghettoblaster feature writers (and dear cousins!) Brian LaBenne and Luke LaBenne bring you fresh new songs with the hopes of introducing you to some that you may consider to be the best song ever. Both Brian and Luke have no idea what songs the other has picked, so what you are hearing is their genuine reaction to listening to the songs together. Also, if you enjoy this episode, head to iTunes to subscribe and rate our podcast with the highest rating available to you.
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Songs Played on “Beast on Beast Action”
Miya Folick – Cost Your Love from Premonitions out now on Interscope and Terrible Records
The Vernes – Maybe I’ll Feel Better When I’m Dead from Maybe I’ll Feel Better When I’m Dead out now
Mike Krol – Little Drama from Power Chords out January 25th on Merge Records
Alias and Doseone – The Doghawk from Less Is Orchestra out Nov. 2nd on Anticon Records
Public Practice – Fate/Glory from Distance Is A Mirror out now on Wharf Cat Records
Westerman – Outside Sublime from Ark EP out November 9th on Blue Flowers