Anticon Shares New Alias Track, "The Deadener," Announce Final Collaborative Album With Doseone

Just over six months ago we witnessed the untimely passing of art-rap rocker Alias, known to his friends and family as Brendon Whitney, at the age of 41. Today Anticon shares the new track “The Deadener,” off the forthcoming Less Is Orchestra. The album, in part, takes its name from Alias’ instrumental approach, a minimal thing that somehow manages to define its very own sonic universe. Imagine a glistening black and purple mélange of non-genres—ride-out Zelda G-funk, chopped and screwed IDM, emotional-industrial banger music, clean glitch—echoing through a zero-gravity field of ice crystals, and you’re most of the way there. He used to jokingly call it goth-hop which, we’ll admit, is a catchier description. Alias composed these beats with Dose’s voice in mind and it shows. The lithe-tongued rapper is a one-man posse on these songs, styling with abandon from guttural growls to glass-shattering falsettos, at times a chorus of strange songbirds and at others a booming Metatron among men. The duo’s chemistry here pulls the best parts of their radical pasts into one hyper-modern opus. The album drops November 2 on Anticon.