Mike Krol Shares New Video, "What's The Rhythm"

Today, Mike Krol hits us with his new video and single “What’s The Rhythm”.  Shot in East LA, director Sam Macon aimed to strip things way down to the most basic elements. Macon comments, “A killer song. A great performer. I wanted these elements to come together to create a pure extension of the song itself. We wanted to take things back to a more straightforward and, in all honesty, punk approach.” 

On Power Chords, out January 25, 2019 (Merge Records), we find ourselves back in familiar Krol territory: aggressive and assertive, scratchy and raw, catchy as hell – but something has changed. The sounds have a new density, and so do the stories. Krol’s lyrics have always walked a fine line between self-acceptance and self-destruction, but throughout Power Chords, they reveal a new sense of self-awareness.