Homeboy Sandman Shares Single “Trauma,” Announces New Album

Prolific wordsmith Homeboy Sandman announces the release of his new album, Don’t Feed The Monster (Mello Music Group) set to drop October 9th, 2020. Like a number of Sandman’s previous releases, this one is a clashing of brilliant minds, a combination of styles, produced completely by Quelle Chris.

On the new album, Homeboy Sandman lyrical flow is his most vulnerable yet, as the first single “Trauma” is a story told from his own viewpoint and recollection at a very young age.

Of the collaboration, Quelle Chris shares:

“There’s a certain mystic/magical power in words, sounds, rhythms, etc. It’s rare to come across a brother/artist like Sandman. The way he finds balance in using his words to self medicate, reflect and express himself while also deeply taking into consideration how it will feed, medicate and effect his fans/listeners in the now and the future. Everyone talks about keeping it real. Sands keeps it fucking real. We cut songs simply because we didn’t want to carry or spread the negative spirits or energies that were attached to the songs when first created. We were no longer in that space and only wanted to project growth and not regression. Being careful not to feed the monster. It’s an honor to work with someone who understands that. Who owns, respects, and responsibly wields the power of their words and holds that same respect for the listener and their chambers of health. As a producer, it’s just a joy to see your sonic canvases given greater and new life. To be a part of and witness to the story as it was written and to share the story with the world in album form is one of those priceless gifts that come with this “job” we chose. There’s a certain magical power in this album. Raw, pure, organic magic.”