Future Sounds: 6-29-16

Welcome to Future Sounds! Every Wednesday Ghettoblaster brings you a handful of singles from upcoming albums to excite and entice your ears. Below you’ll find songs that really stand out as essential listening. So please sit back, relax and treat yourself to some seriously great music.
Ghost Gum – “Edible Complex”

“Edible Complex” is the first single from Ghost Gum’s upcoming debut full length album The Past, The Future, Dwelling There Like Space, which is due later this year. The song starts out with screeching feedback and a propulsive drum beat, and just gains more and more traction as it goes on, like a boulder rolling down a hill. Guitars wail and crunch a nice riff over the frenetic drumming until the real joy of the song is revealed. Male and female vocals sing in a truly beautiful harmony about forgiveness and madness and trying to make it into heaven. This is the type of harmony that you don’t normally find in a rocker like this, and it really makes the song exciting. There isn’t a release date yet for their upcoming album, but “Edible Complex” makes a good point for it to be a highly anticipated release.

Cool American – “Playing Along”

Nathan Tucker, the songwriter under the name Cool American, has a mostly despondent and low toned nasally vocal delivery, which is on full display in the fantastic “Playing Along”. This song is a great low-key rocker in a somewhat similar vein to Pavement, but with a little more Emo flair. It goes along with nice chugging bass and classic indie-rock guitar riffs over lyrics about being fed up and feeling bad about how he came across about being fed up. Tucked switches things up with a couple more explosive moments, which finds him somewhat yelling toward the upper register of his voice. There is also a nice passage of spacey slower guitars, which wouldn’t feel out of place in a country song. “Playing Along” is a very interesting song that feels like a classic indie-rock song, but with some diversions. You Can Win a Few is out 7-29 on Good Cheer Records.

Terribly Yours – “Barbara”

Sean Bones crafts DIY pop music under the name Terribly Yours. A Bloom Beyond is the upcoming full length debut album from Terribly Yours, out 7-29. There is a definite new wave vibe going on with Terribly Yours, and “Barbara” finds Bones in jangly love song mode. Swirling synths play with New Order-esque guitars over a great head bob inspiring beat. Bones recorded the album by himself in his basement and describes working on the album in the following way: “The flavor of this record kept evolving. It felt like I was sound tracking a movie no one would see. All I knew for a while was I had something different than anything I’ve released before.”

Shura – “Make it Up”

British synthpop songwriter Shura is prepping her debut full length album Nothing’s Real, which will be released 7-8. The most recent single for the album is “Make it Up” and it is a gem of a pop song. It slowly builds momentum over the track and when the second chorus comes on it really hits its stride. This is a reminder of why the basic pop song structure just works so well and is so enjoyable to listen to. Shura has a great voice, sings a lovely melody and is backed by great 80s inspired synths and beats. It’s reminiscent of the work Tegan and Sara have been doing of late and is a reason to look forward to the upcoming album