Album Stream: The Bird Hour, ”Birds or the Evergreen Trail”

The Bird Hour is composed of four close friends who have been jamming together since High School. Over the years the members lived in different cities and played in various projects, but in 2016 all members found themselves living together in Pittsburgh and ready to start something new. Guitar-driven psychedelic indie rock, The Bird Hour is set to release their new album, Birds or the Evergreen Trail.

”The Bird Hour was born out of friendship and a love of jamming together. On this album we took that energy and used it as the driving force behind some songs we feel really confident about. Between that vibe and the textures of the music I believe we captured a spiritual and organically psychedelic vibe that we’ve always been after. The kinda vibe you get smoking weed with your friends in some beautiful woods, ” the band says.

The band has released the new album online before dropping it on June 8th.