Video Premiere: Sammy Warm Hands Shares “Despot Measures”

Sammy Warm Hands. No, it’s not the alter-ego of an urban city mafia leader but the name of an emcee that’s is set on making 2021 his year. Out of Eugene, Oregon, the prolific emcee has dropped album after album of independent releases, last year alone releasing two albums and an E.P.’s worth of material.

Today Sammy Warm Hands + Web Beats have reunited for Demented Inventive Energy (Crushkill Recordings), their first album as a duo since 2008. The album is set for release later this year and in anticipation of the release, Sammy Warm Hands shares the video for the first single “Despot Measures.” The song attempts to answer the question on everyone’s mind across the country lately:

“Despot Measures” is the first single, attempting to answer the question on everyone’s mind in America lately: “How did this happen?” With the country so fractured with so many on opposing sides, Sammy attempts to answer the question. Are there any justifiable answers? Time will tell.

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