Rome Streetz & Wavy Da Ghawd “92 Mike”

After returning with a new quick strike EP, Buck 50, which is produced in its entirety by Wavy Da Ghawd, Rome Streetz has now released the first video from the project with ’92 Mike.” 

“’92 Mike’ is just me talking my sh*t on a Wavy beat.  I feel like Olympic Michael Jordan going country to country, traveling the world, showing my talents and putting numbers on the board” Rome Streetz stressed. 

Rome also offered the following about his new EP “Sometimes I just wanna get on tracks and spazz out; not make songs, or have structure, I just wanna splash on sh*t!  That’s what Buck 50 represents when I just wanna let off steam and slice everything around me.  This is just a lyrical exercise until I feel like putting my album out.”