Video Premiere: Fawns Of Love “Permanent (Part Time Punks Sessions)”

There are things that may appeal to some, and others that appeal to most. Fawns Of Love walks a path where listeners are drawn to the sound the husband and wife duo, Jenny & Joseph Andreotti, have pieced together, compelling 80’s electro-pop imagery through 21st Century eyes. The group’s last release, 2019’s Permanent (Test Pattern Records) was filled with gooey pop hooks, ethereal vocals, and electronic patterns that are delectable. This time around they take the same approach while also taking a different path.

Fawns of Love is set to release a new release, it’s second KXLU Part Time Punks radio sessions, Part Time Punks Sessions: Permanent Revisited 12″ EP (Obeah Records). Those exact same distant images are prevalent on the five reworked tracks from its last album but obviously vary somewhat. In anticipation of the EP, the group shares the “Permanent (Part Time Punk Sessions)” video for the single/title track. It takes the duo’s love for the eccentric and moodiness of decades past, is captured within the confines of the video here. It’s dark, yet beautiful.

Digital pre-orders for the new 12″ EP are available here.

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