Video Premiere: Chris Conde “The Summer Of Our Discontent (feat. Ceschi)”

Chris Conde doesn’t necessarily shy away from flamboyancy. Instead, he embraces it with every ounce of his being but never relinquishing who he truly is. That would be an artist, a rapper, an emcee with a knack for weaving stories into rhymes or even warping & wrapping metaphors around creative beats and melodies. It’s something quite unexpected to find coming out of San Antonio, Texas. This is but one facet of the ever-evolving and passionate musician that is Chris Conde. Never shying away from true self, Conde’s uniqueness & boldness incorporates queerness into the embracing arms of Hip-Hop culture.

Building a base off of 2018’s full-length Growing Up Gay – as well as a handful of EP releases – allowed Conde to freely express all emotions on literal sleeves, with things all coming to a head, on 2019’s explosive Conde Digital E.P. produced entirely by Moodie Black. This was the moment when musical worlds collided, melding Conde’s hard-hitting influences with Moodie Black’s unique and corrosive sound. Yes, this was Conde’s most realized work to date. Within the scope of just a few songs, Conde was able to translate all of his emotions into music.

As life moves, it seems 2021 will belong to Chris Conde. This weekend, Conde will release his new offering, the full-length Engulfed In The Marvelous Decay (Fake Four Inc.). It’s 14 songs with tracks produced by Conde himself, as well as Moodie Black’s K Death, Lazerbeak, and others. The album will give listeners the entire Chris Conde experience, allowing everyone the ability to explore everything that Conde is. With lead singles “Mariposa” and “Everyday” showcasing different sides of his psyche, Conde isn’t done yet.

Just days before the release of the new album, Conde shares the new video for “The Summer Of Our Discontent” which features Ceschi. On the track, both artists volley lyrics around emotional struggles brought on by the pandemic no one was able to avoid. But Conde offers up his own thoughts about the song itself:

“’The Summer of our Discontent’” is about how isolation, depression, and feelings of hopelessness the pandemic and all the events of 2020 created in us. It’s an unabashed expression of frustration.”

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