Ceschi Releases “Santa Luc​í​a”

With an expected release date of April 4, 2023, Bring Us The Head Of Francisco False (Fake Four Inc.) is set to place the nail into the coffin of lyricist/musician Ceschi Ramos. While many fans are sure to keep one eyebrow raised at this notion, they’re still the ones coming out on top as we’re able to continue to receive advanced listens through the singles delivered. This time around he releases “Santa Luc​í​a,” produced by Max Heath and Natalie Plaza who collaborate under the Child Actor moniker. The song follows the release of his first single “Beginning Of A New Era.”

While the first single, branded by Factor Chandelier’s larger-than-life production, is a massively vibrant single, “Santa Luc​í​a” takes a different approach. The somber tone of its backdrop is accentuated by Ceschi’s melodic vocals and lyricism. His voice is offset by Plaza’s oddly stunning backing vocals while the music diverts into another dimension only to snap right back into place.