Ceschi Shares “Beginning Of A New Era”

Off the heels of news of his recently announced forthcoming LP Bring Us The Head Of Francisco False (Fake Four Inc.), with an expected release date of April 4, 2023, comes Ceschi’s new single “Beginning Of A New Era.” The track is produced by frequent collaborator Factor Chandelier and features percussionist Jane Boxall on timpani as well as Max Heath on synth and additional string & horn arrangements.

As the explosive track is delivered much like a cacophonic symphony, Ceschi’s verbose lyricism gives an ominous view of life through his perspective. Death, violence, drugs, and catastrophes are all scattered throughout but with a glimmer of hope. It’s a deep, dark look as to what’s to follow with Bring Us The Head Of Francisco False, which boasts production work not only from Chandelier but also Child Actor, Danny T. Levin, Maker, and Zavala (Dark Time Sunshine). The album is set to be the final release in Ceschi Ramos’ solo career.

According to the label, “This finale is an exercise in confronting overwhelming grief by closing doors in order to open new ones. It is a two-headed, oftentimes emotionally contradictory, record inspired by rebirth after death, the beauty of endings & the multiple meanings of the term “revolution”. It is as tender as it is rage driven & as naively hopeful as it is disenchanted. It is a goodbye to shady drug games & even shadier music games while serving as a thank you to the countless lost along those paths.

Throughout this 70-minute exorcism, there are odes to musicians, thinkers & friends who helped form Ceschi’s artistic identity. There are sentences from shredded-up love notes and suicide notes all piled up amongst each other, rolled into balls, and thrown at unsuspecting listeners. All of those half-thought scribbles written by someone who never expected to make it to 40 but decided to stick around and sift his way through the cultural recycling bin that is modernity. This is freedom from previously built expectations. This is appreciation for all of the obstacles & experiences of the past while marking an official start to a new life, new family, and new priorities. It’s closure.

A eulogy can really be the most important type of love letter.