Video Premiere: Beans, “Viragor”

Honing in on his voice while growing up in the suburb of White Plains, abstract poet/rapper Beans has cemented himself in the music by being one of the early architects of electronic-infused beatscapes.  Beans is also itched in the history books with his contribution in founding the left-field rap act Anti-Pop Consortium.  Within the Consortium, his rapid staccato and distinct lyrical bent – a mix of classic rap braggadocio and fractured new school narrative – helped vault that group into cult and critical favor circa ’99 alongside artists from Anticon and Def Jux.

Today, Beans has unveiled his latest single Bermuda Serpent Saliva Man along with the video for the B Side, “Viragor.”  Staying true to his biting approach lyrically, “Viragor” showcases Beans expanding his craft to the highest of levels and demonstrating his penchant for being one of our truest poets living.

In 2017, after a five year hiatus and the completion of numerous simultaneous projects, Beans has returned to the public eye with not one, but three new albums, as well as his first novel. Die Tonight, 226 pages of weird fiction, tells the story of Eric Ford, a teenage loner who gets possessed by a record, goes on a killing spree, and finds himself. 

The first album of the music trilogy, Wolves of the World, features production from Canadian producer, Tobaggon. The second album, Love Me Tonight, features various producers such as Sam Fog from Interpol, Gobby, Laurel Halo, Container, Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe),Tobacco, and Pete Swanson. Love Me Tonight delves into love and all of its manifestations, both rewarding and costly.  

Lastly, HAAST, the third album deals with social issues surrounding the increased unaccountability of violence towards Black America painted in a palette of expansive experimentation. The name, HAAST, derives from an extinct species of eagle that once lived on the South Island of New Zealand around 1400. This third album finds Beans working alongside Miami Schematic Music producer Ay Fast, industrial noise duo Snake ZVK, and string composer-arranger, Christopher Auberbach- Brown. All three albums feature guest dynamic MC, Elucid from Armand Hammer.

Since the release of the trilogy, Beans has released a total of 6 albums (Nights Without Smiles, Nibiru Tut, Someday This Will All Be Ash, Ace Balthazar, Team BreakUP, and Venga)  on his own imprint, Tygr Rawwk Rcrds, including the release of this current single, Bermuda Serpent Saliva Man, produced by David Russell Stempowski (Snake),with the strings by Christopher Auberbach-Brown with the B Side, “Viragor,” is produced by Asethic.