Solid Brass To Release The Red Scare Discography

Late ’90s Knoxville, Tennessee, band The Red Scare share a new single today from the remastered reissue of their complete discography via Solid Brass Records. Hear/share “Kodaliths” on all DSPs HERE.

The Red Scare was formed by four college friends in August of 1997, bringing together Matt Hall’s explosive and unique drumming with Kip Uhlhorn’s frantic guitars, Abby Wintker on bass, and Adam Ewing on second guitar. 

The Red Scare began playing locally, building a name for themselves with short but propulsive sets likened after those of the Sleepytime Trio and Gravity Records heroes,  Heroin. By 1998, Jon Asher had replaced Adam Ewing on guitar and the band embarked on their first tour with Milemarker, Orchid, and Hail Mary. 

Capillary Lockdown came in November of 1999; an album of apocalyptic visions and propulsive, almost overwhelming rhythms. The album was released on vinyl by Hand Held Heart and CD by Troubleman Unlimited.

In June of 2000, they toured again with Orchid and Lightning Bolt and then recorded  Strangers Die Everyday at Inner Ear Studios. On this release, the band melded together explosive songs like “Risking Your Life With a Capital R” and “Smoky Mountain High” with strange metallic collages. The guitars, while still edging on brutal, also emit dreamy segments like that of the title track. This would prove to be their final album together as Uhlhorn moved to New York City. He would go on to form Panthers (with three members of Orchid) and eventually, Cloudland Canyon. Matt Hall went on to play in New Brutalism.

Smoky Mountain High is a collection of both LPs, all their 7”s, and live recordings from WNYU. It will be released digitally and as a Limited Edition 2xLP on Red and Ultra Clear vinyl on June 14 via Solid Brass Records. Pre-orders are available HERE.

Photo courtesy of The Red Scare.