Video Premiere | Factor Chandelier, “Past Life” Feat. Alex Bent + the Emptiness

This past June, Factor Chandelier released his latest full-length effort Moving Like A Planet (Fake Four Inc.), which sparks luscious atmospheric vibes within the full realization of the 10 songs that round out the album. With well-recognizable names throughout the release, whether it’s the synth-driven “Me And Mine,” featuring AJ Suede, the deep bass through “Mother,” featuring Eligh, or even the keyboard drive of “Sky High” with Ceschi, the album takes listeners on an unexpected journey dazed through psychedelia and ravaging bottom-ends.

Today the Canadian beatmaker/producer/musician shares the video for “Past Life” which features Alex Bent + the Emptiness. Factor fills the song with thick drumbeats that are textured with layers of sound with Alex’s voice drifting around it. It’s both eerie and majestic at the same time. The video, shot and directed by Garrett Kendel, captures the essence of the song, filmed around a forest and watery backdrops with lights wrapped around a dancer. It is captivating, to say the least and the melancholy of the song cuts like a knife.